THAIFEX- HOREC Asia 2024 Trade Show: Shaping the Future of HoReCa with Cutting-Edge

Innovations from Leading Brands

Carpigiani, Electrolux, Hobart, Gruppo Cimbali, UNOX to unveilnext-generation innovations at THAIFEX - HOREC Asia 2024, in line with contemporary trends of sustainability, digital guest experience, contactless, and energy efficiency.

· 2023,Press Release

Business owners and hospitality industry professionals from hotels, restaurants, catering (HoReCa) can learn how to take their enterprise to the next level at THAIFEX - HOREC Asia 2024, anevent that responds to the growing demand for products and services in the sector.

Some 300 leading brands, including Carpigiani, Electrolux, Hobart,La Cimbali, and UNOX, will exhibit their top-of-the-line innovative solutions across 9 exhibitor categories of bakery & ice cream, cafe & bar, cleaning & laundry, dining, furnishing, kitchen, services, technology, and

THAIFEX - HOREC Asia will showcase how these prominent brands areproactively meeting the industry's evolving demands for contactless and sustainable solutions, enhancing the digital guest experience, optimizing energy efficiency, embracing plant-based menus, and implementing effective strategies to reduce food waste. As a dynamic hub for cutting-edge technology and sustainable advancements, THAIFEX - HOREC Asia exhibitors will spotlight ongoing innovation such as eco-friendly packaging crafted from upcycled food by-products, energy-efficient appliances that seamlessly integrate with AI, or cutting-edge digital systems that are meticulously tailored for the unique needs of the hospitality sector.

Along with the exhibitors, the organisers expect some 500 hostedbuyers and 20,000 trade visitors to attend THAIFEX - HOREC Asia, which will be held 6-8 March 2024, at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand.

The HoReCa sector globally is expected to double in market valueby 2032 to some US$6.5 billion market value. One of the fastest growing regions for HoReCa is Southeast Asia, which has a population nearing 700 million and rising average disposable income. The region now has over 17 million foodservice establishments and is very attractive totourists given its general interest in ecology and sustainability along with its unique cultural traditions, cuisines, and commitment to gastronomic excellence.

Leveraging decades of experience and established relationships inthe food service industry, the organizers of Southeast Asia's largest food and beverage trade fair, THAIFEX- Anuga Asia, have developed THAIFEX- HOREC Asia 2024 as a strategy to accommodate the HoReCa sector's expanding growth and demand. The organisers are the Department of International TradePromotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, Thailand, the Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC), and Koelnmesse, an international organiser of trade fairs, exhibitions and events worldwide. DITP and TCC play a critical role in supporting local exporters while Koelnmesse
extends its expertise in fostering opportunities for local importers and international companies.

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The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP)

Khun Phusit Ratanakul Sereroengrit, Director General of DITP said, "THAIFEX - HOREC Asia will complement THAIFEX - Anuga Asia by providing a comprehensive state-of-the-art overview of the entire HoReCa industry by exhibiting the latest equipment, techniques, and services for hotels, restaurants, catering operators, and the wellness industry. Together, the two events will create dynamic and thriving ecosystem for businesses to stay informed, gain access to valuable resources, and ultimately, drive growth and innovation in the industry. THAIFEX - HOREC Asia will further amplify emerging segments, attracting a new niche audience that is an extension to the THAIFEX - Anuga Asia brand.”

Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC)
Khun Sanan Angubolkul, Chairperson, Thai Chamber of Commerce says, “Over 30 million visitors to Thailand in 2023 contribute to about 16 billion US dollars to the Thai economy in terms of accommodation and foodservice. If you include the whole HoReCa business, it contributes about 26.5 billion US dollars to the economy. THAIFEX- HOREC Asia is a good opportunity for global brands to get known to Thai companies.”

Mathais Keupper, Managing Director and Vice President of Koelnmesse stated, “We are delighted that industry leading brands are committing their full support of THAIFEX - HOREC Asia 2024 and are equally committed to raising the professional standards for, and to address the evolving needs of the hospitality sector.

THAIFEX - HOREC Asia serves as a dynamic platform to showcase where innovation meets necessity. Our exhibitors are responding to the industry's demand for sustainability, contactless experiences, energy efficiency, and more. As organisers, we are dedicated to shaping the future of HoReCa by fostering innovation and excellence and providing immersive experiences for people to learn from experts to improve their professional knowledge and skills.”

Thai Chefs Association

Chef Somak Rarongkum, President, Thai Chefs Association says, “THAIFEX - HOREC Asia distinguishes itself from THAIFEX - Anuga Asia because the event provides valuable knowledge for chefs to learn what equipment is available them operate their restaurants more efficiently and with greater sophistication. Chefs will be inspired as to how to equip and furnish their restaurants, and they can see the latest equipment and products to increase their standards of cleaning and presentation.”

Thai Spa Association

Khun Krod Rojanastien, former president of the Thai Spa Association, says that THAIFEX - HOREC Asia will have a dedicated zone for wellness, where “Spa and Finess operators can see the latest equipment and discover opportunities to enhance their offerings, discuss wellness related issues, and be exposed to best practices, which will enhance the overall experience for customers.”

ASEAN Coffee Association

VictorMah, President of the ASEAN Coffee Association says, “I would encourage people to come to THAIFEX - HOREC Asia because you are going to see a lot of new innovation in terms of coffee equipment and from the espresso machines to the pour over drip machine, to jugs and filters. You will see a lot of young baristas competing in the ASEAN Barista Team Championships, and you will see very interesting coffees which the ASEAN Coffee Association will be putting up for show.”


Eric Rimbeuf Garnier, Cluster General Manager of the Novotel and Ibis Bangkok Impact, representing Accor Hotels, says, "For us, it will be very important to come to the show to look at the new technology as all the owners of hotel chains are looking at sustainability and we are looking at every opportunity for connectivity like the chef connecting to fridges on a mobile phone to follow an order or be informed if there is a problem in the fridge. We are also looking at energy savings because it impacts the bottom line."



Carpigiani specializes in the manufacturing of commercial ice cream and gelato machines and provide frozen dessert equipment. Their products are widely used in commercial kitchens, ice cream shops, gelato parlours, and other foodservice establishments. Carpigiani sells batch freezers, soft-serve machines, pasteurizers and mix heaters, gelato and ice cream display cases, frozen yogurt machines, and accessories related to the preparation and serving of ice cream and gelato.

Exhibiting Segment: Bakery & Ice Cream

Trends: Energy Efficiency, Sustainability


Electrolux is a global leader in home and kitchen appliances. The Group’s products include refrigerators, freezers, ovens, cookers, hobs, hoods, microwave ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, air purifiers and small domestic appliances.

Electrolux Professional Line 6000 Heat Pump Dryers are revolutionizing efficiency with up to 65% energy savings while maintaining quick drying times. This showcases Electrolux's commitment to sustainable innovation.

Exhibiting Segment: Cleaning & Laundry

Trends: Energy Efficiency, Sustainability


Alterpacks makes sustainable food packaging by upcycling food by-products using proprietary technology. The resultant plant fiber material used to make the packaging is derived from a blend of spent grains and agricultural waste and can replace single-use plastic containers. The material is 100% organic waste and internationally certified as home compostable and food contact safe by Europe, the US FDA, and the Singapore Food Agency.

The Alterpacks S-series, their latest creation, withstands extreme temperatures, offering versatility from freezer to microwave. Consumers can cook, steam, or oven-use these containers, providing an eco-friendly alternative to plastic trays.

Exhibiting Segment: Bakery and Ice-Cream

Trends: Food Waste, Sustainability

Gruppo Cimbali      

Cimbali Group is a market leader in solutions and services related to professional coffee machines, coffee grinders and milk-based drinks. They anticipate customers’ needs by prioritising innovation, user-friendly design, superior quality and emphasize a commitment to advancements for a positive impact on the environment and society, ensuring a better future for all.

Products exhibited will include the new LaCimbali M40, Faema professional products including the new Faema XCompact and Faema MD5000. Casadio branded products include Casadio Nettuno and Casadio Enea, a new coffee grinder. Cimbali will also feature their new application, ART:IN:COFFEE, which replaces Platone.

Exhibiting Segment: Café & Bar

Trends: Contactless, Digitalised Guest Experience, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability


Hobart, an ITW Food Equipment Group pillar for 126 years, is a leading manufacturer of commercial food equipment for cooking, food preparation, dishwashing, waste reduction, weighing and packaging. Renowned for its technology innovation, operational excellence, superior customer service and unsurpassed value, Hobart continues to lead the industry.

Noteworthy innovative offerings include the HOBART FP Glass Washer with TOP DRY and HOBART Combi Oven, which boasts a contactless feature, eliminating the need for manual polishing. IoT technology is integrated for remote control. The HOBART Precipan 150 Litres pressure cooker reduces energy consumption by 35%, aligns with the trend towards plant-based menus. The HOBART High-Speed Steamer streamlines cooking with plant-based menus, preserving nutrients. The Conveyor System optimizes operations, segregating waste and utensils with eco-friendly precision.

Exhibiting Segment: Kitchen

Trend: Contactless, Energy Efficiency, Food Waste, Plant Based, Sustainability

Futurelog Asia       

FutureLog introduces digital procure-to-pay solutions tailored for the hospitality and gastronomy sectors. Their services span procurement, inventory, and invoice management, to seamlessly integrate with POS and ERP platforms. Features include a Business Intelligence report, and data centralization to empower informed decision-making. A Contract Management option secures digital archives. A Recipe Management solution flexibly connected to POS works to enhance operational efficiency.

Moreover, their Cloud-based Mobile App, equipped with 2-Factor Authentication, offers support in 10 languages, push notifications, and both online and offline modes.

Exhibiting Segment: Tech

Trends: Sustainability

Scotsman is the world’s leading ice machine manufacturer. From hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets and fast-food outlets, to hospitals, laboratories, fisheries and food processing facilities, Scotsman machines play a crucial role in the success of each operation.

A standout Scotsman innovation is XSafe, an integrated self-cleaning system that works within their ice machines to enhance sanitation and improve machine performance. XSafe improves efficiency and profitability.

Exhibiting Segment: Kitchen

Trend: Energy Efficiency


UNOX makes Commercial Ovens for Chefs and Bakers, including self-washing ovens. Their commercial ovens include convection ovens, convection ovens with humidity, combi ovens, and speed ovens. Brands include LINEMICRO™ BAKERLUX™, BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro™, LINEMISS™, CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™, CHEFLUX™, BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™, SPEED.Pro™ and SPEED-X™.

UNOX will exhibit BAKERTOP-X™ & CHEFTOP-X™, which utilise a state-of-the-art optical sensor to recognize food and initiate cooking process automatically. With AI technology, the oven learns from expert feedback to customize cooking for each ingredient. The integration of ‘’HEY.Unox” allows hands-free integration using voice commands, while the Digital.ID™ oven optimizes energy usage with smart standby mode activation during periods of inactivity.

Exhibiting Segment: Kitchen

Trends: Contactless, Digitalise Guest Experience, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability

Welbilt is a leading global provider of commercial foodservice equipment and solutions, manufactures Merrychef, a brand of high-speed ovens popular in quick-service restaurants and other foodservice settings.

Merrychef conneX®12e stands is a compact, affordable and versatile high-speed oven solution that is ideal for quick-service restaurants and cafés, as it facilitates quick and consistent cooking, grilling, toasting, and reheating. Notably energy efficient, its designed for Plug & Play, it is ventless with no installation costs, operating efficiently on less than 0.7kWh on standby.

Exhibiting Segment: Kitchen

Trends: Energy Efficiency, Sustainability


Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand

The Department of International Trade Promotion is committed to providing excellent service to Thai entrepreneurs in international business, including trade facility, cost reduction, value
creation of goods and services, providing consultation for overseas market access and maintenance, as well as close cooperation with the private sector to promote Thailand as a major gateway of Asia. 

About the Thai Chamber of Commerce

The Thai Chamber of Commerce represents as the Thai private sector to facilitate business and trade as well as to serve as the central coordinating agency between the government and private sector, and also helps to promote trade, business and economic cooperation including, build relationships between Thai and partner countries at the bilateral and multilateral level as well as plays a proactive role in representing the interests of the local Thai business community.

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