Bringing Southeast Asia's Bars into the Future

· Editorial

Something extraordinary is brewing in the bar scene. This isn't just about mixing drinks anymore; it's a revolution, a fusion of tech wizardry and the latest gizmos that's taking the cocktail experience to a whole new level. At THAIFEX - HOREC Asia 2024, you’ll be able to dive right into this exhilarating journey.

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Where Tech Meets Taste

In the modern bar, it's a place where technology isn't just a tool; it's part of the magic. A rotary evaporator isn't merely a gadget; it becomes the star of the show, transforming how we think about flavors and aromas. It's not just about sipping a drink; it's about embarking on an adventure in every glass.

And then there's Augmented Reality (AR), which can bring a story to life right in your cocktail. Imagine sipping a drink while unraveling its history through a digital journey. It's like a time machine in a glass!

The Gizmos Behind the Glamour

The secret behind these bars' allure? Some pretty cool equipment.

At THAIFEX - HOREC Asia, you’ll discover exhibitors like Scotsman Ice Systems, who help create crystal-clear ice, or Carpigiani's machines which help churning out artisanal frozen delights.

Scotsman will introduce their MXG 428 machine at THAIFEX - HOREC Asia, which revolutionizes ice production with cutting-edge technology and can be used with XSafe ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria, guaranteeing the purity of every cube. Crystal-clear, slow-melting ice enhances beverages, providing a touch of luxury.

Green is the New Glam

It's not all just flash and flair. The bar scene is sensitive to consumer wants about being kind to our planet. THAIFEX - HOREC Asia will showcase solutions like Fuji Electric's energy-efficient refrigeration and digital platforms, like Now End of Waste, will demonstrate that this revolution cares about sustainability as much as it does about a good cocktail.

The Bottom Line

As our palates grow more sophisticated, the world of bars is stepping up to the challenge, transforming every sip into a journey of discovery. Imagine being at the heart of this evolution, surrounded by the pulsating energy of THAIFEX - HOREC Asia. This isn't just any event; it's a melting pot where the crème de la crème of hotels, restaurants, and catering services unite, showcasing the latest and greatest in hospitality innovation.

Picture over 300 brands, each a beacon of creativity and modernity, displaying their newest inventions in equipment, technology, and services. This is where ideas flourish and connections are made, with 500 specially invited buyers leading the charge. You'll be walking alongside a global gathering of 20,000 trade visitors, each sharing your passion for the hospitality industry.

Drink brands featured at THAIFEX - HOREC Asia include Bundaberg, who will present their famous Ginger Beer, and MILKLAB's nut and soya milk, Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino.

And it's not just about observing; it's about participating and learning. THAIFEX - HOREC Asia is an arena for competitions that ignite the spirit of excellence. It's a place where knowledge takes center stage at the THAIFEX - HOREC Academy, offering a learning experience that dives deep into the essence of what is shaping the latest, greatest standards for hospitality.

Intrigued? Eager to learn more? Dive into this world at, where the future of hospitality is being written today.