How Hotel Operators are Improving Operations and Innovating for Eco-Conscious Travellers

In an age where sustainability and efficiency are not just buzzwords but imperative practices, the global hotel industry is undergoing a significant transformation. Hotel operators are proactively sourcing new equipment and technologies, driven by the transformative effects of catering to the growing eco-conscious traveler base and improving operational costs.

At THAIFEX - HOREC Asia, hoteliers can discover the innovations that will steer the hospitality sector into a greener, more efficient future. The event offers a remarkable opportunity for operators of hotels to explore, learn, and transform their operations with superior technology, modern equipment, and vibrant furnishings.

Innovation is the cornerstone of progress, and the hospitality industry is no exception. At THAIFEX - HOREC Asia, we delve deep into the innovative spirit that drives this industry forward. As a hosted buyer or VIP partner or visitor, you will gain privileged access to most aspects of THAIFEX - HOREC Asia 2024.

Sustainable Innovations

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A vital area of focus is the hotel's operational heart: the kitchen and laundry. In both, the shift is towards energy-efficient appliances that significantly reduce power consumption. In kitchens, its induction cooktops, smart kitchen technology that aids chefs to become more efficient and produce food to the same qualities and standards, and highly-efficient systems that are eco-friendly yet also enhance the cooking experience.

THAIFEX - HOREC Asia 2024 exhibitor UNOX will showcase CHEFTOP-X™, one of the most powerful combi ovens that provides speed, quality, and energy savings. It is Digital ID enabled, the most advanced operating system ever installed in an oven, with a fast and intuitive interface with hyper-connection functions powered by artificial intelligence. It means they can cook a dish exactly the same way each time.

Similarly, laundries are being revolutionized with equipment like cutting-edge laundry equipment that use less water and energy for cleaning, thereby cutting down on hot water and chemical usage. Imagine laundry systems equipped with IoT capabilities to offer real-time monitoring and operational efficiency. 

For cafes, bars, and restaurants, brands like Gruppo Cimbali, Hobart, and Scotsman are also showcasing their state of the art equipment that makes life easier for baristas, bartenders, and foodservice professionals.

Robotic Efficiency in Housekeeping and Cleaning

The housekeeping department, traditionally labor-intensive, is witnessing an evolution with the adoption of robotic vacuum cleaners and electrostatic sprayers. These technologies not only promise a higher standard of cleanliness but also represent a commitment to operational efficiency and worker safety. Microfiber cleaning systems and cordless cleaning equipment are other innovations reducing water and chemical use, aligning with the eco-conscious ethos.

At THAIFEX - HOREC Asia, industry professionals can learn to make clear decisions to put their organisation forward in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability, and ecology. It’s the best way to move forward to uphold impeccable hygiene standards in food preparation areas, dining spaces, and guest accommodations.

Take for example, the HOBART Two Level Washer, the first-world innovation of dishwashers that saves time and manpower and space on footprint with double capacity in ONE machine, reducing water and detergent usage by up to 30%.

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At THAIFEX - HOREC Asia, housekeepers can learn new techniques. One hundred housekeepers from Thailand will strive to attain the pinnacle of excellence in housekeeping through the "Thailand Ultimate Housekeeping Challenge."

Water and Waste Conservation Measures

Water conservation is another critical area where hotels are investing. Installing low-flow faucets, toilets, and showerheads, hotels are significantly reducing water usage, an essential step in regions facing water scarcity challenges.

Along with water, food waste is a long-standing issue in the hospitality industry. It is being tackled through innovative methods. Initiatives include composting, recycling, and extending the shelf life of food using traditional preservation methods. Moreover, many businesses are donating excess food to local charities, turning waste reduction into a community-supportive effort.

One THAIFEX- HOREC Asia exhibitor, NOW End of Waste, a Thai food waste management company will demonstrate how their 'Digester,' specially designed microbes efficiently break down food waste, including vegetables, meat, and small bones, into grey water within 24 hours. This grey water can be treated and managed by the premise or released into the city’s sewage and water treatment systems.

Smart Building Management Systems

Perhaps the most futuristic of these innovations are the smart building management systems. These systems centralize control of lighting, temperature, and energy use, adjusting in real-time to occupancy and environmental conditions. The result is a significant reduction in energy waste, a crucial step in reducing the hotel's carbon footprint. In the tech section of the THAIFEX - HOREC Asia exhibition, brands including BOXS and Cimso are showcasing their latest solutions.

The Cost-Efficiency Equation

The hotel industry faces challenges like labor shortages, leading to increased associated costs, and rising energy prices due to political unrest and post-pandemic factors. However, technological advancements, such as mobile check-in and cleaning robots, are being adopted to mitigate some of these challenges. Energy-saving measures are also being implemented to counter rising energy costs.

While the environmental benefits are clear, innovations in equipment also make economic sense. Reduced energy and water usage lead to lower utility bills, while automated systems cut labor costs and improve efficiency. This financial advantage is crucial in a competitive market where cost-effectiveness is as important as environmental stewardship.

At THAIFEX - HOREC Asia, exhibitors like Electrolux Professional has machines help commercial laundries save up to 40% in running costs as their new ranges of commercial washers are designed to use the lowest possible water, energy and detergent consumption. Electrolux will also demonstrate Professional lagoon® Advanced Care, a new machine for advance textile cleaning of delicate garments, leathers, and shoes.


A Step Towards a Sustainable Future

Today's travelers are increasingly aware of environmental issues and often make choices based on a hotel's eco-friendly practices. By adopting these new technologies, hotels are not just improving their operations but also positioning themselves favorably in a market where sustainability can be a deciding factor for guests.

The hotel industry's move towards sourcing new equipment and technologies is a commendable step towards sustainability. It’s a multi-faceted approach that not only appeals to the eco-conscious traveler but also streamlines operations and reduces costs, ultimately guiding the industry towards a more efficient, responsible, and sustainable future. This transformation, while challenging, is a necessary evolution in an industry that is at the forefront of global travel and tourism. Hotel operators, by embracing these changes, are not just adapting to the present; they are shaping a more sustainable and prosperous future for the hospitality sector.

THAIFEX - HOREC Asia is more than an event; it's an opportunity to unlock the future of hospitality excellence. Whether you join us as a hosted buyer or a VIP visitor, this event promises to equip you with the insights, innovations, and connections needed to propel your hotel operations into a future where excellence is not just a goal but a reality.


Don't miss this transformative journey that awaits you. Secure your place at THAIFEX - HOREC Asia and be part of the hospitality revolution.