Washing and polishing with just one machine

HOBART is launching the world's first undercounter dishwasher with a built-in PREMIUM CUTLERY feature that makes manual polishing obsolete

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Offenburg, 1 February 2024 – “Washing and polishing with just one machine”. This is the slogan that warewashing technology expert HOBART is using to launch its latest technological innovation: the world's first undercounter dishwasher with a built-in PREMIUM CUTLERY feature. This enables restaurant owners to save time and staff in their kitchen, which is very helpful in times of high operating costs and a staff shortage in the hospitality industry. The latest generation comes with even more innovative features and is available now.

Shaken, not polished: Shiny cutlery without manual polishing

In the hospitality industry, polishing takes up a lot of time. Conventional cutlery polishing machines help to resolve this problem, but they are expensive and take up precious kitchen space. HOBART has therefore enhanced its undercounter dishwashers to bring together both functions: washing and polishing with just one machine. Vice President / General Manager Manfred Kohler explains: “A removable rotating cutlery rack prevents water shielding with its permanent shaking action, thereby guaranteeing hygienic, stain-free cutlery.” The optional feature is flexible to use: cutlery rack out – plate rack in. Kohler continues: “Restaurant owners therefore not only save valuable space, but also time and thus also staffing costs.” Another benefit is that cutlery is immediately ready for use, enabling staff to focus on the needs of guests at peak times. Automatic cutlery programme selection ensures easy handling.

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Image: The world's first undercounter dishwasher with a built-in PREMIUM CUTLERY feature. Credit: HOBART


All-in-one: Innovative features combined in one machine

Following the launch of the innovative TOP-DRY drying system in 2018, which eliminated the need for manual polishing of glasses, leading innovator HOBART has again helped to make work much easier for the hospitality industry with its new CUTLERY PREMIUM feature. All key functions for restaurateurs are now integrated in one machine. This means clean paltes, shiny glasses and stainless cutlery.

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Image: The rotating cutlery rack means that cutlery no longer needs to be manually polished. Credit: HOBART

Self-cleaning wash system: Smart and easy machine cleaning

Smart system: combined wash and rinse system with smart self-cleaning of the wash arms during each wash cycle. This washes away any dirt particles at the start of each programme. Flexibility is also a huge priority here with the CLIP-IN system enabling the wash and rinse system to be removed and serviced in just one step. An automatic self-cleaning programme keeps the machine interior clean. Any remaining dirt is washed straight out after every washing day.

VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH control: For easy handling

New look, smart functionality. The VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH control enables all relevant settings to be easily selected at the touch of a button. Important information is available at a glance.

Additional top features in HOBART undercounter glass and dishwashers

TOP-DRY drying: For the best drying results

The integrated active HOBART TOP-DRY drying function provides perfect drying results for any wash ware, especially glasses. Once the washing process is complete, a hydro-thermal energy storage system converts the humid air, which is then re-introduced into the wash chamber as hot drying air. Wash ware no longer has to be dried manually, and no glass polishing is needed.

VAPOSTOP² puts an end to steam clouds

The innovative VAPOSTOP² feature uses a ventilation system to extract the hot 60 °C steam from the inside of the machine, thereby preventing the steam from escaping when the door is opened. A total of 90 % less steam escapes into the room. Removing wash ware is then easier for the staff, and guests at the bar are not bothered by any escaping steam.

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Image: All-in-one: The PREMIUM CUTLERY and TOP-DRY features ensure hygienically clean wash ware and save valuable working time. Credit: HOBART

HOBART SMARTCONNECT APP: Key features at a glance

To ensure the working day runs smoothly, the HOBART SmartConnect app gives access to comprehensive information on machine status. Information includes machine capacity, error codes, hygiene regulations and a operating costs calculator. In case of a machine shutdown, restaurant owners can then promptly contact the in-house customer service team or a qualified service partner. The app is free to use for up to five years.

More detailed information about the latest generation of undercounter glass and dishwashers is available on the HOBART website. There is also a film about it.

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